Network Service Tiers

1. Overview *

  • Google Cloud Network Service Tiers optimize connectivity between systems on the internet and Google Cloud instances. 
  • Premium Tier delivers traffic via Google's premium backbone, while Standard Tier uses regular ISP networks.
  • Use Premium Tier to optimize for performance, and use Standard Tier to optimize for cost.
  • Premium Tier delivers Highest performance traffic by keeping it within Google's network as much as possible.
  • Premium Tier is for services that need global availability
  • Premium Tier is unique to Google Cloud
  • Premium Tier is the default unless configuration changes are made.
  • Standard tier is cost optimized traffic, which is routed over the internet.
  • Standard tier is for services hosted entirely within a region
  • Standard tier performance is comparable to other Cloud providers.
  • Egress pricing for each of the Network Service Tiers is different.