Network Intelligence

1. Network Topology *

  • Network Topology visualization displays the topology of VPC networks and associated metrics. 
  • It presents a single view of configuration information and real-time operational data. 
  • It makes it easier to understand networking relationships, traffic paths and throughput between VM instances.
  • Network Topology lays out information in a graph format, where the nodes and lines represent entities and connections in the network. 
  • Network Topology collects real-time telemetry and configuration data from Google's infrastructure to visualize resources. 
  • Network Topology captures configuration information, metrics, and logs to infer relationships between resources in a project or in multiple projects.
  • Quickly view the topology of deployments. 
  • No additional configurations or agents are required to use Network Topology. 
  • No need to view multiple logs or use third-party tools to understand Google Cloud infrastructure. 
  • Network Topology can help analyze the performance of network. 
Supported traffic
  • Network Topology supports TCP traffic for certain traffic paths. 
  • Traffic in a VPC network, such as traffic between VM instances and internal load balancers that are in the same network.
  • Traffic across peered VPC networks, such as traffic between VM instances and internal load balancers that are in peer VPC networks.
  • Traffic between Google Cloud and clients on the internet, and entities such as VM instances or HTTP(S) load balancers with public IP addresses.
  • Network Topology doesn't show traffic to or from Cloud VPN gateways, Interconnect connections, and managed services like Cloud Storage.