Hybrid Connectivity

1. Interconnect

Cloud Interconnect
  • Cloud Interconnect provides low latency, highly available connections that enable users to reliably transfer data between on-premises and Virtual Private Cloud networks. 
  • Cloud Interconnect connections provide RFC 1918 communication, which means internal (private) IP addresses are directly accessible from both networks.
  • Cloud Interconnect offers two options for extending the on-premises network. 
  • Dedicated Interconnect provides a direct physical connection between on-premises network and Google's network. 
  • Partner Interconnect provides connectivity between on-premises and Google Cloud VPC networks through a supported service provider.
Dedicated Interconnect

  • Dedicated Interconnect provides direct physical connections between on-premises network and Google’s network. 
  • Dedicated Interconnect enables the transfer of large amounts of data between networks, which can be more cost effective than purchasing additional bandwidth over the public Internet.
  • The network must physically meet Google's network in a colocation facility. 
  • Users must provide their own routing equipment.
  • For Dedicated Interconnect, provision a cross connect between the Google network and the customer router in a common location. 
  • This cross connect is a Dedicated Interconnect connection.
  • To exchange routes, a BGP session is configured over the interconnect between the Cloud Router and on-premises router. 
  • Then, traffic from the on-premises network can reach the VPC network and vice versa.
Partner Interconnect

  • Partner Interconnect provides connectivity between on-premises network and VPC network through a supported service provider. 
  • A Partner Interconnect connection is useful if the data center is in a physical location that can't reach a Dedicated Interconnect colocation facility or if data needs don't warrant an entire 10 Gbps connection.
  • Partner Interconnect requires users to separately obtain services from a third-party network service provider. 
  • Google is not responsible for any aspects of Partner Interconnect provided by the third-party service provider nor any issues outside of Google's network.
  • Customers  must work with a supported service provider to establish connectivity between their network and on-premises network.