AI Services

1. Machine Learning

  • Machine learning is one branch of the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Machine learning is a way of solving problems without explicitly coding the solution.
  • Machine learning systems improve over time through repeated exposure to sample data call training data.
  • Google applications like YouTube, Photos, Google mobile App and Google translate use machine learning.
  • Google Machine Learning Platform enables Google Cloud users to add innovative capabilities to their applications.
  • Cloud Machine Learning Platform delivers pre-trained models and a platform for generating tailored models.
  • Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine enables users to easily build machine learning models that work on any type and size of data.
  • Google Cloud offers a range of machine learning APIs suited for adding machine learning capabilities to applications.
  • Based on structured data, Google Cloud Platform users can use machine learning for various kinds of classification and regression tasks.
  • Google Machine Learning Platform can be used as a recommendation engine for content personalization and cross-sells and up-sells.
  • Google Machine Learning Platform can detect anomalies as in fraud detection, sensor diagnostics or log metrics.
  • Google Machine Learning Platform can perform image analytics for identifying damaged shipment, identifying styles and flagging content.
  • Google Machine Learning Platform enables customers to perform text analytics for systems designed for call center, blog analysis, language identification, topic classification and sentiment analysis.