5. Failures

Deployment manager failure

  • Deployment Manager may fail where a project does not have enough CPU quota to create the deployment resources. 
  • Remaining quota for projects can be checked, and additional quota requested if necessary. 

Software installation failure

  • Most solutions provide logging for instances so software installation failures can be investigated.
  • If a deployment creates all of the requested resources but a deployment error message is displayed, software may have failed to install successfully. 
  • Connect to the instances in the deployment and check the logs to identify the issue.

Network and firewall issues

  • If software deployment hosts content on an external IP address, the software deployment automatically configures firewall rules on the network where the deployment runs. 
  • If the firewall configuration fails, users might receive a HTTP 404 error when they try to connect to the web console on the external IP address.
  • To configure the firewall manually or open additional ports for other services that run on instances, add firewall rules to the Compute Engine network that the deployments run on.

Sending email from software deployments

  • Some software packages try to send email over specific ports. 
  • Google Compute Engine does not allow outbound connections on port 25. 
  • To send email from the instances that host software packages, use a cloud email service.