Cloud Tasks

1. vs PubSub

  • Cloud Tasks and Pub/Sub may be used to implement message passing and asynchronous integration.
  • The core difference between Pub/Sub and Cloud Tasks is the notion of implicit vs explicit invocation.
  • Pub/Sub aims to decouple publishers of events and subscribers to those events. 
  • Publishers do not need to know anything about their subscribers. 
  • Pub/Sub gives publishers no control over the delivery of the messages save for the guarantee of delivery. 
  • Pub/Sub supports implicit invocation: a publisher implicitly causes the subscribers to execute by publishing an event.
  • Cloud Tasks is aimed at explicit invocation where the publisher retains full control of execution.
  • Publisher specifies an endpoint where each message is to be delivered.
  • Cloud Tasks provides tools for queue and task management unavailable to Pub/Sub publishers, including:
    • Scheduling specific delivery times
    • Delivery rate controls
    • Configurable retries
    • Access and management of individual tasks in a queue
    • Task/message creation deduplication