Source Repositories

1. Features

  • Cloud Source Repositories provides fully featured, private Git repositories hosted on Google Cloud.
  • To use a hosted Git repository with Cloud Source Repositories, users must open an account with GitHub or Bitbucket.
  • Cloud Source Repositories can be used for collaborative, version-controlled development of any app or service, including those that run on App Engine and Compute Engine. 
  • Users of the Debugger can use Cloud Source Repositories and related tools in the Google Cloud Console to view debugging information alongside code during app runtime. 
  • Users can add Cloud Source Repositories to a local Git repository as a remote, or connect it to a hosted repository on GitHub or Bitbucket. 
  • From a local repository, users can use the standard set of Git commands to interact with the repository in the cloud, including push, pull, clone, and log.
  • Cloud Source Repositories are intended to store only the source code for user apps and not user or personal data. 
  • Don't store any Core App Engine Customer Data in Cloud Source Repositories.
  • Users can create multiple repositories for a single Google Cloud project to organize code associated with cloud projects.
  • Users can connect an existing GitHub or Bitbucket repository to Cloud Source Repositories
  • Connected repositories are synchronized with Cloud Source Repositories automatically.
  • Cloud Source Repositories provides a source browser to view repository files from within the Google Cloud Console.
  • Cloud Source Repositories automatically send logs on repository activity to Cloud Logging to help track and troubleshoot data access.
  • Users can use logs to review recent repository synchronization, repository access by other users, and administrative actions such as creations, deletions, and permission changes. 
  • Users can configure notification settings such that an alert is sent when an error is logged during a repository synchronization.
  • Cloud Source Repositories offer security key detection to block git push transactions that contain sensitive information.