Source Repositories

3. IAM

  • Cloud Source Repositories uses Cloud IAM for access control. 
  • Cloud IAM can be used to add team members to projects and to grant them permissions to create, view, and update repositories.
  • With Cloud IAM, every action on a repository in Cloud Source Repositories requires that the account initiating the action has the appropriate permissions.
  • Permissions are not granted to specific accounts, but roles that contains the appropriate set of permissions are assigned to members.
  • Permissions are assigned to accounts through the use of roles. 
  • In addition to the predefined roles, Cloud Source Repositories supports custom roles.
  • In Cloud IAM, access is granted to members. 
  • There are multiple types of members. 
  • A Google Cloud repository cannot be made public. 
  • Cloud Source Repositories does not  support allAuthenticatedUsers and allUsers member types.