Compute Engine


  • Google Cloud provides the flexibility for bringing existing licenses. 
  • Bringing existing licenses requires users to bring their own media and to run that media on hardware configurations, such as sole-tenant nodes, that are compliant with the licenses.
  • Before attempting to bring images with existing licenses to Google Cloud, review the licensing terms and conditions. 
  • Google Cloud provides tools to help manage compliance requirements related to licenses:
    • Importing images
    • Managing VMs on dedicated hardware (sole-tenant nodes)
    • Minimizing physical core usage
    • Tracking usage of physical cores for reporting purposes
  • Users can bring images with existing licenses in any region that supports sole-tenant nodes.
  • Although there is no additional charge for bringing images with existing licenses, users must still pay for licenses according to the license agreements.
  • Sole-tenant nodes are physical servers dedicated to hosting VMs. 
  • Sole-tenant nodes can be configured to support workload requirements such as minimizing the number of physical servers and cores. 
  • Consult licensing agreements to determine which configuration options are most suitable for the workloads.
  • There are other licensing scenarios that do not require sole-tenant nodes, for example, licenses related to Microsoft applications.