Config Connector

1. Overview

  • Config Connector is a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) addon that allows users to manage Google Cloud resources through Kubernetes configuration.
  • Config Connector provides a method to configure many Google Cloud services and resources using Kubernetes tooling and APIs.
  • Config Connector leverages how Kubernetes manages Resources including RBAC for access control, events for visibility, single source of configuration and desired state management for reduced complexity and eventual consistency for loosely coupling dependencies.
  • Users can manage their Google Cloud infrastructure the same way as they manage their Kubernetes applications, reducing the complexity and cognitive load for developers.
  • Config Connector provides a collection of Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) and associated controllers. 
  • Config Connector creates Google Cloud resources when users configure and apply custom Objects to their cluster.
  • Config Connector's controllers eventually reconcile the environment with the desired state.
  • Config Connector provides extended functionality beyond creating resources. 
  • Config Connector can be used to manage existing Google Cloud resources, or enable them to leverage Kubernetes Secrets to secure their resources.