Cloud Build

2. Build steps

  • Executes build as a series of build steps, where each build step is run in a Docker container. 
  • Executing build steps is analogous to executing commands in a script.
  • Steps executed serially on the same machine. 
  • Steps field is defined in build config file. 
  • Build steps are provided by Cloud Build, Cloud Build community, or custom build steps.
  • Can execute build tool packaged into a container. 
  • waitFor option controls sequential steps.
  • Each build step is run with its container attached to a local Docker network named cloudbuild. 
  • Docker network allows build steps to communicate with each other and share data.
  • Dockerfile can be used to build the image by executing Docker builds in Cloud Build using the gcloud tool or build triggers. 
  • A build config file can be used in addition to Dockerfile to provide more customisation to the build.
  • Standard Docker Hub images can be used in Cloud Build, such as Ubuntu and Gradle.