Migrate for Compute Engine

1. Overview

  • Migrate for Compute Engine decouples VMs from their storage and introduces capabilities that ease the move to Google Cloud, including:
    • Easy deployment: Install Migrate for Compute Engine virtual appliances in just a few steps, without installing agents on servers.
    • Simple management in vCenter for VMware migrations: A plug-in flattens the learning curve for VMware administrators. Integration with tasks, events, and alarms provides visibility and control over migration.
    • Secure by design: Data transfers between Migrate for Compute Engine components use TLS and AES-128 encryption. Data at rest is de-duplicated, compressed, and encrypted with AES-256.
    • Boot over WAN: Migrate for Compute Engine performs a native boot in the cloud from VMs in a few minutes, regardless of image size. 
    • While the image boots, Migrate for Compute Engine adapts it for the target environment. 
    • No changes to the application, original image, storage, drivers, or networking are necessary.
    • Intelligent streaming: Migrate for Compute Engine prioritizes the data necessary for an application to run and moves that data to the cloud first. 
    • Migrate for Compute Engine streams data to the cloud when needed.
    • Multi-tier caching and optimization: Migrate for Compute Engine includes a multi-tier, read-write cache in the cloud. 
    • Migrate for Compute Engine cache stores data needed by the application. 
    • De-duplication, pre-fetching, asynchronous write-back, and network optimizations accelerate migration, reducing migration bandwidth by up to 75% in production migrations.
  • Resiliency: Migrate for Compute Engine Cloud Extensions use an active-passive configuration across two availability zones. 
  • Data is written in both zones and then asynchronously transferred back on premises to reduce the risk of data loss. 
  • Writes can persist solely in the cloud for development and testing.
  • Recovery point objective (RPO) is the maximum acceptable length of time during which data might be lost due to an incident.
  • Migrate for Compute Engine's architecture ensures a 30-second RPO for sync to Google Cloud Storage in the rare case of a dual zone failure and a 1-hour RPO for sync on-premises.
  • Supports multiple operating systems