Anthos Marketplace

1. Overview

  • Enables quick deployment of functional software packages on Google Cloud.
  • Google Cloud Marketplace offers many solutions, including variations of the same solution. 
  • Each solution has a details page that describes the VM type, operating system, estimated costs, and more.
  • Users can search for a package and select one that meets their business needs. 
  • Software packages can be easily deployed without manual configuration. 
  • Software packages can be deployed and scaled later when applications require additional capacity. 
  • Google Cloud updates the images for software packages to fix critical issues and vulnerabilities.
  • GCP Marketplace can deploy to Anthos clusters no matter where they are running.
  • GCP Marketplace solutions have direct integration with existing GCP billing and are supported by the software vendor.
  • The default configuration can be used or deployments can be customized to use more virtual CPUs or storage resources.
  • Some packages allow users to specify the number of virtual machine instances to use in a cluster.